The Bad Tales of Wisdom Teeth

Infection may happen in any area of the body with mouth not being an exception. Most of all, the wisdom tooth is the one that gets affected. As a matter of fact, most of the people who keep their wisdom tooth for life are likely to develop infection in it. It gets impacted when the third set of molar, which is also known as the wisdom tooth, gets infected due to bacteria. Mostly this infection occurs when the molars do not grow properly which create ground for more infection in the mouth in the nearby molars.  When a wisdom tooth erupts badly then it can lead to infection as bacteria starts to accumulate there and this is the prime cause for wisdom tooth infection. Also called pericoronitis, Infected Wisdom teeth can be a lot tricky when it comes to treatment. But that only because the infected teeth is not a full grown molar and therefore the gums covers the teeth. So in order to have a Pain-free treatment, the dentist has to cut the piece of gum to make way to operate the wisdom tooth. The wisdom tooth gets infected and it is very unlikely that it will heal on its own. Therefore one has to undergo this treatment, whether he likes or not.

There are some surgical Infected Wisdom teeth options also available nowadays. Approximately 85% of all the wisdom tooth needs to be removed due to infection therefore the dentist would anyway suggest the extraction in order to prevent any complication in the future. But if you are afraid of needles and blades, then there is a perfect alternative available which is a Pain-free treatment and is also a non-surgical way to treat an infected wisdom tooth. This is a do-at-home process and it may give immediate results. For starters, one can use ice packs which will reduce the swelling. Then secondly you can rinse your mouth with salt water to treat the infected area. But if the pain persists then it means that you may need pain relievers like ibuprofen or aspirin.